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Why VoIP

Enjoy all the standard features and functionality of a PBX phone without the investment in a huge system. You’ll get a phone that you’ll plug into your internet jack via a standard ethernet cable. It works exactly like a traditional phone but there are no phone lines, copper cables or phone plans needed.

There are a few other exciting perks as well:

  • Use it anywhere. It keeps its phone number with it regardless of where you plug it in: at home, at a hotel, or if you move to a new office.
  • Forward calls to your cell.
  • E-fax over that number, receive it in your email.

Kanobe offers local on-call customer service and technical support. No challenging phone calls to someone in India. In fact, we’re happy to provide free onsite installation for local customers and are available for onsite support for the duration of your contract.

Our rates are extremely competitive-starting at just $29/month for the first line and $20/month for each additional line.

With Kanobe VoIP, you’ll always enjoy:

  • Free US long distance
  • Free caller ID inbound and outbound
  • Free international calling
  • 800/toll-free service
  • Free e911