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Enjoy all the standard features and functionality of a PBX phone without the investment in a huge system. You’ll get a phone that you’ll plug into your internet jack via a standard ethernet cable. It works exactly like a traditional phone but there are no phone lines, copper cables or phone plans needed.

Kanobe VoIP is feature rich. Great features like included E911 and custom IVR’s set us apart from the competition.

Voice Basic

$31.99 / seat

2-4 Seats
  • 16 Standard Features

Voice Plus

$28.99 / seat

5-14 Seats
  • 1 Port In
  • 1  Admin Portal

Voice Premium

$25.99 / seat

15-24 Seats
  • 1 Port In
  • 1  Fax to Email
  • 1 Admin Portal
  • 1 Call Queue

Voice Ultimate

$22.99 / seat

25+ Seats
  • 2 Ports In
  • 1 Fax to Email
  • 1 Custom IVR
  • 1 Admin Portal
  • 1 Call Queue
  • 1 Conference Room


All VoIP plans include these great features:
Call Monitoring Ask us how monitoring can help improve staff performance. Remote Access Employees stay connected and are able to work from anywhere.
Operation Times Customize your phone system to route calls and responses based on company operation hours. Speed Dial Configure phones to dial any number with the push of a button.
Call Parking Allow calls to be “parked” and answered from a different extension. Call Filters / Blocking Decide how much information you want to divulge on outbound calls.
Do Not Disturb Setup your phones to send a call directly to your voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed. Group Hunt Configure your phone system to automatically forward calls to the next number in a programmed sequence to make sure that all your calls get answered, every time.
E911 Local emergency operator assistance. Call Logging Collect and evaluate statistical data about your phone traffic.
Caller ID Enabling Caller ID will allow you to know important details before you answer a phone call. Voicemail to Email Get your voicemail as an email with an attached .mp3 audio file.
Call Fowarding Allow your calls to be redirected to your any other phone (such as your cell phone) so you can answer calls when not in the office. Softphone Our Communicator app works on Windows, Mac, and mobile. Instead of using a handheld phone, get all of your great VoIP features on a computer or smart phone.
Follow Me Forward calls to multiple numbers in the order you specify. Ring Groups Ring multiple extensions at the same time, such as your entire sales staff when the sales number is called.